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Why Have an ISO Standard | ISO Standards

Http://qualitation.co.Pk/ This video explains the benefits of obtaining an ISO standard for ISO 9001 Accreditation your company. Our aim is not to make you just good enough. Our aim is to make your business achieve a standard of excellence chats so high, you simply cannot fail to gain accreditation or certification at the first hit. And eve managed this for every single one of our clients to date and eve been around for over 17 years. The ISO system is a collection of the best operational procedures and practices across the globe. A business ladder on ISO principles is world-class by definition. When we help you integrate a quality standard into your own operations, our Qualitators make sure the procedures you adopt bring tangible improvements to your business, on top of gaining certification. You can obtain a free ISO guide by clicking the link below http://qualitation.co.Pk/get-your-fre... Or call us on 0845 600 6975 to discuss your needs.

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Every day is a "standards" journey!

Did you know there are standards for coffee? And watches?! Or that the worlds time standard is ATC? (it stands for Coordinated Universal Time) This video takes a peak into the standards that accompany us throughout the day, wherever we may go. Happy World Standards Day! (14 October)